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We are Africa’s leading provider of marketing data, technology and content services, having spent the last 9 years building the continent’s largest collection and network of technology and data partners.

We work with some of the continent’s largest marketers, mobile networks, media owners and data experts to improve the quality of their digital marketing through better understanding of the communities they market to, better engagement strategies and better monetisation conversion tactics.

Once 5 different specialist businesses, we came together in 2018 to form OLE!CONNECT. Agency? Consultancy? Media owner? Technology vendor? None of these exactly, and yet all of these connected.…

Our only measure of success is our customers’ bottom line growth.

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Our team of digital media and marketing specialists have a knack for spotting the missing links, kickstarting business progression, and partnering with media owners and marketers to truly connect the dots. We help online and mobile publishers better understand the humans behind the web browsers in order to create richer content and platform experiences leading to greater monetisation opportunities.

We help advertisers and brands reach the people behind the data points. From creating and managing ads or developing apps, to narrowing down your target audience to the humans who are interested in your services.


We empower marketers with smarter digital marketing tools and strategies, unleashing their own data to reduce customer acquisition costs and media wastage, while also deploying marketing automation and customer monetisation solutions assisting with the customer journey.

With a highly advanced data management team and an impressive technology stack as part of our offering, we provide high-performance audience driven marketing through ‘media that delivers’.

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